Web sQuad StepUP during SA's National Lockdown

Web sQuad, together with our fibre providers, Vumatel, Openserve, Evotel and Link Africa, are increasing your line speeds from 1 April 2020 - at absolutely no additional cost. You read that right, you’ll be getting a StepUP for the duration of the national lockdown to make working and living from a full house that little bit easier.

What this means:

From 1 April 2020, your line speed will be upgraded to the next qualifying tier at no additional cost to you. This means you will benefit from double the download (and upload) speed between 1 April and 31 July 2020.

If you are on a symmetrical package (eg. 50/50 Mbps) you will be moved to the next symmetrical package up (100/100 Mbps). If you are on an asymmetrical package (eg. 20/2 Mbps), you will be moved to the next asymmetrical package up (50/5 Mbps). Your billing during this period will be for your original speed (ie, the speed you currently subscribe to) and your line will be downgraded back to this speed after 31 July 2020.

Our network is ready to handle the additional demand on it during the lockdown period, and our network and support operations teams are business as usual while we work from home.

What you need to know:

  • The free Fibre StepUP during the national crisis will only be on the Vumatel and Evotel FNO networks.
  • You will be upgraded to remain on the same type of package (ie. Asymmetrical > Asymmetrical and Symmetrical to Symmetrical)
    • For clarity:
      • 10/2 Mbps > 20/2 Mbps
      • 20/2 Mbps > 50/5 Mbps
      • 10/10 Mbps > 20/20 Mbps
      • 20/20 Mbps > 50/50 Mbps and so on
    • Packages which don’t qualify for an upgrade:
      • 1 Gbps (1000/100) Vumatek Promo clients - the maximum line rate available on FTTH is (1000/100 Mbps). No further discounts will apply. There are no options or plans to upgrade upload speeds on these packages.
      • If you are on a 200/200 package, please notify us if you wish to upgrade to 1000/100, these upgrades will be processed manually by our team.
      • Openserve and Link Africa 200 Mbps Packages - this is the max speed available on these FNOs. No further upgrades or discounts will apply
  • If you have an older router with a 100 Mbps WAN port (Tenda F9 or Tenda AC6 if using a Web sQuad free-to-use router), and you’re upgraded to 200 Mbps and above, your upgrade will not be able to accommodate these additional speeds. In this case, you will be able to purchase your own router that is compatible with these increased speeds of more than 100 Mbps. You can order these routers through our support desk (stock depending) and we will courier these to you, preconfigured, at your cost.
  • If you have given notice to downgrade your service anytime from 25 March 2020, you will not be eligible for the promotional StepUP benefit
  • This offer is available for all customers live on Web sQuad’s network on the above FNOs before 31 March 2020
  • Fibre StepUP will apply to home customers on the above FNOs and Vumatel FTTB customers only
  • The above FNOs have agreed to upgrade the line speeds for free. However, it does cost us money to move the additional data through our network and beyond. As such, we will not guarantee these higher speeds under any circumstances. We will not entertain support queries around these higher speeds and they will be provided as a “best effort” service. We reserve the right to reduce individual users back to their subscribed rate (original speed) should we deem it necessary for stable network operations.
  • These network speed upgrades will be under the FNO’s control. We have already completed all the requisite background package changes on our side to ensure that we are not a limiting factor for these upgrades. Please be patient as your Fibre operator processes these upgrades -they will be processed in due course. We will provide updates via our MyBroadband and Facebook pages if we detect any delays or issues. There may be a few hiccups through the upgrade process as the FNOs process this massive task. Please don’t bombard our support mailbox for updates.
  • We want to thank the participating FNOs for this gesture. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients and it’s always welcome to be backed by partners who share our passion.



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